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“THE WIRED LAB connects artists and communities in new ways.

We are an artist-led organisation evolving emerging artforms and interdisciplinary art practices within rural Australia.

 Our curated programs and projects involve artists working from rural contexts, and engaged in activities that establish and maintain continuums of local, national and global relevance.

We are committed to the exploration of the relationship between art, land and communities. Within our operations we embed the shifting dynamics between rural and global communities in the areas of sound, art, science and the environment. 

Our activities range from sector and community cultural development, to the development, creation and presentation of new works and major live art projects.”


THE WIRED LAB is a not-for-profit company and registered charity, our programs contribute towards our mission to provide a range of community and cultural development opportunities for rural and regional communities.



The Wired Lab is a not-for-profit and charitable community and cultural development organisation that has been operating in the Eastern Riverina region for the past 11 years. For a small rurally based organisation, this is a remarkable achievement.

The Wired Lab connects communities with the arts in new ways, providing crucial services that would otherwise not be available to the rural and regional areas we service.  Our activities address an identified gap in our communities, where there is need for culturally engaging activities to be embedded and emanate from within community, rather than the ‘FIFO’ model that is often offered to small rural communities. Our organisation provides a model of cultural leadership and community engagement that many rural and regional communities could benefit from.

With a rural and regional focus our activities range from the presentation of community art projects, commissioning new art works and a triennial ‘The Wired Open Day’ festival, through to providing a range of creative workshops and skills development opportunities for young people, adults and seniors.

Aside from our grassroots initiatives, we have achieved an international profile for our contemporary art projects, such as a recent ‘Hrafn: Conversations with Odin’ installation project for the 2019 ‘Dark Mofo’ festival in Southern Tasmania, and winning two National ‘Art Music Awards’ for our 2012 ‘Southern Encounter’ project in South Australia. A selection of recent media coverage and projects are detailed below.



The Wired Lab was founded by Sarah Last artist, curator, farmer and life-long resident of the Muttama region who has dedicated her working career to education, community, agricultural and NFP sectors. Following years of experience working in public cultural institutions, and Sarah’s first-hand experience of issues facing rural Australians, Sarah established The Wired Lab as a means to ensure rural, regional and agricultural communities have direct access to enriching cultural activities they can deeply connect with.

Sarah’s standing and service in the arts sector and local community is widely recognized where she sits on a number of boards and committees. In 2018 she was selected for the Wagga Wagga Women in Business ‘Hear them Roar’ series, which profiles high achieving and inspirational women in the Eastern Riverina region, video link: https://vimeo.com/291429866

In 2013 Sarah’s community nominated and listed her as a ‘Hidden Treasure’ on the NSW Department of Primary Industries and NSW Rural Women’s Network Honour Roll for Rural Women. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/about-us/rural-support/rural-womens-network/hidden-treasures