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Temora High Wire

Construction Date : March 2010

Location : Temora High School, Temora, NSW

Number of Wires : 1

System : Wooden H pole support at each end.

Wire : 2.5mm diameter high tensile fencing wire spanning 160m. Looped through pulley at H post to give 2 x 80m spans.

Additional Info : Constructed by WIRED Lab and Temora High School staff and students as part of the NSW Dept of Education’s Artists in Schools Residency. The name came about during the planning stage, when the school requested that the wire height would need to be well above head height, e.g. “high up”. This fact, combined with the school being a High School naturally ended up in the wire being referred to as the “high wire”.

Preliminary sketch of Temora High Wire system (note that the wire span was originally only 40m, but later we managed to double the span length to 80m to give a 160m system)