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Audio Recordings


WIRED Lab – WIRED Open Day Minimix (2009)

This is a little mini mix of the WIRED Open Day 2009 performances featuring Garry Bradbury, Alan Lamb, Dave Burraston, Oren Ambarchi and Robin Fox.

WIRED Lab – Flying V Tone Demo (2010)

A short excerpt of some Æolian tones on the Flying V wires. This recording is taken from the eastwest wire.

WIRED Lab –Weather Mix (2009

A 5 minute weather sounds mix from the Wedding Wires and the Gully Wire. A multi-layered mix of natural weather pattern sonifications : rising and falling wind patterns, rain storms (heard as cracks and pops when water strikes the pickup, and as zaps/pings/crackles as the rain strikes the wire) and wire resonance tones induced by the wind.

WIRED Lab – Flying V Animal (2010)

This recording taken from the eastwest wire of the Flying V. This sound is most likely  a bird perching on the wire. It gives a good idea of the delay line / reverb effect from such a large scale single wire span.

WIRED Lab – Program Mix (2009)

A five minute WIRED Lab program selection :

0:00 – Polybox and Clangers : Alan Lamb & Dave Burraston
0:35 – Bowing on The Wires : Jeff Henderson
1:44 – Shell and Voice into The Wires : Colin Offord
2:35 – Acoustic Pole Recording : Garry Bradbury
3:23 – Dean Frenkel singing and playing at WIRED Open Day recorded by Ian Andrews
4:00 – Epiphany segment for LASER control research : Dave Burraston & Robin Fox

WIRED Lab – Thunderstorm-25-10-09 (2009)

Environmental sonification of thunderstorm event 25-10-09 (linear excerpt of 27:31 minutes from the Gully Wire).

WIRED Lab – Rainfall-29-10-09 (2009)

Environmental sonification of rainfall event 29-10-09 (linear excerpt of 28:18 minutes from the Gully Wire).


Dave Noyze – The Computational Beauty of Nature II (2009)

The Computational Beauty of Nature II is a mixture of various natural events : the Gully Wire instrument at WIRED Lab in heavy torrential rain, a tennis court fence in light afternoon rain and a series of field recordings by Chris Watson (ants, pistol shrimps, termites & wind in grass).

CBON-3 by dave@wiredlab

The Computational Beauty of Nature III is a reworking of part II in 5.1 surround for the Tin Sheds opening at Cootamundra Creative Arts & Cultural Centre 7-10-2011. In this piece there a sections of Aeolian tones mixed with very sparse rainfall on wires and a tennis court fence, and parts of the section of Chris Watsons field recordings: pistol shrimps and wind in grass. This is a stereo mix from the surround version.