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WIRED Lab Farm


The WIRED Lab is located on a private working farm in the Riverina district of South West New South Wales, Australia.

The farm is home to cattle who happily graze around the wire installations which were built to accommodate/withstand the natural curiosity of cattle, also making Wired Lab a unique ‘Sound Farm’. We have often seen the cattle standing around terminal poles of the installations as if they too are listening to wire music!

Like the Wired Lab, our farm embodies a sustainable ethos in its operations. We employ holistic management grazing practices, with rotational grazing systems and extended ‘rest’ periods for the soil and grasses being optimum for weed minimisation, moisture retention, soil health, soil carbon sequestration and the natural regeneration of the native pastures and trees. From late spring and over the summer months we entirely spell the native pasture paddocks and the cattle graze in our permanent pasture paddocks, which include a mixture of native and introduced perennial grasses.

There is no direct public access to the site.

Access to the site is restricted to advertised Open Days and Workshops or by appointment. Check the ‘events’ section of this website or sign up to our newsletter, twitter or social networking ning site to be kept posted about the next opportunity to visit The WIRED Lab.