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The WIRED Lab is located on the South West Slopes of New South Wales, Australia, in a ‘Box Gum Grassy Woodlands’ (BGGW) ecosystem. The BGGW ecosystem is listed as vulnerable and endangered on National and State registers. BGGW is characterised by a species rich understorey of native tussock grasses, herbs and forbs, with an overstory of White Box, Yellow Box, Blakely Red Gum and Kurrajong trees.

Although its been grazed for the past 150 years The Wired Lab site is a considerably intact BGGW site with an excellent range of flora and fauna distinctive to BGGW habitats.  The WIRED Lab are committed to preserving and nurturing the biodiversity of this unique ecosystem. Many of our future initiatives will further incorporate preservation and regeneration practices to preserve and share this BGGW site.

Over time we will be audio visually documenting and sharing flora and fauna sitings on the Wired Lab site.

To learn more about BGGW and its endangered species visit:

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A cursory summary of BGGW specific animals and plants in residence (or seasonably migrating) at The WIRED Lab are as follows:


Trees: Blakely Red Gum, White Box, Grey Box, Kurrajong

Grasses: Microleana/Weeping Rice, Danthonia/Wallaby ,Snow/Tussock Poa Grass, Hairy Panic, Native Millet, Red Leg, Rough Spear grass, Paddock Lovegrass, Windmill grass, Weatgrass, Plumegrass,

Sedges & Forbs: Juncus sp., Wattle Matt Rush, Vanilla Glycine, Twining Glycine, Slender Tick Trefoil, Creeping Hovea, Grassland Wood Sorrel, Native Geranium, Twin Flowered Knawel, Kidneyweed, Rock Fern, Finger Flower.


Bird species: Superb Parrot, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Little Eagle, Boobook Owl, Barking Owl, Brown Goshawk, Nankeen Kestrel, Square Tailed Kite, Letter Winged Kite, Tawney Frogmouth, Willie Wagtail, Laughing Kookaburra, Yellow Faced Honeyeater, Brown Tree Creeper, Crimson Rosella, Eastern Rosella, Rufos Songlark, Superb Fairy Blue Wren, Flame Robin, Red Capped Robin, Black Faced Cookoo Shrike, Grey Shrike Thrush, Red Rumped Parrot, Brown Quail.

Reptiles, Insects & Crustaceans: Goanna (Lace Monitor, bell’s/banded phase & common), Eastern bearded dragon, Blue Tongue Lizard, various skinks, Eastern Brown Snake, Grass Snake, Legless Lizard, Eastern Long-necked Turtle, Red backed Spider, Wolf Spider, Golden Orb-Weaving Spider, Daddy Long Leg Spider, Giant Banjo Frog, Yabby.

Mammals: Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Echidna.

Images care of the NSW Grassy Ecosystems Flickr site