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The Wired Lab is based on a working farm located approximately 600 metres (2000 ft) above sea level on the South West Slopes of New South Wales, Australia.

Relatively isolated for its regional location, the main road access to The Wired Lab is by 9km of unsealed road. This degree of isolation is important as The WIRED Lab’s research objectives require as much ‘pure’ sound and darkness (i.e. no glow from city lights) as possible. Our unique location also limits the amount of peripheral man made noises and interference such as overhead planes, electricity grids, the activities of neighbouring farms and livestock.

It was also important for The WIRED Lab to be located on the East Coast of Australia. This ensures proximity to the major metropolitan cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, where the majority of Australia’s significant research organizations, artists, scientists and academics are based. Being located on the East coast brings the wire instruments out of their desert beginnings and will best maximise the potential of The WIRED Lab and its long-term research and cultural development goals.

The site itself, constructs of site and regionalism are integral to The WIRED Lab project. The wires capacity to sonify the environment around them, the many distinctive environmental features of the site, and our active participation in global / local constructs, provides an open and expansive framework for many arts, science and community oriented activities and creative research investigations.