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- Musician, Producer, Academic
- Professor at Creative Industries Faculty, School of Media, Entertainment, Creative Arts,Music and Sound QUT.
Professional memberships and associations
- Chair – Q Music
- Deputy Chair – National Council of Tertiary Music Schools
- Director – Music Council of Australia 
Past board memberships

- Australian Network for Art and Technology
- Sydney Olympic Park Arts Development Advisory Committee
- Australasian Computer Music Association
- NAISDA Dance College Academic Advisory Board. 
Editorial board and advisory committees

- External Advisory Committee – Centre for Media Arts Innovation - University of Technology, Sydney
- Editorial Board – Australian Sound Design Project
- Artist reference group – The Studio, Sydney Opera House.


- Consultant and specialist in Independent Media
- CEO of Decode Media strategic communications/PR  and event management company which specialises in the sustainability, music and arts industries. Please refer to the Decode Media website for information about the projects and campaigns Tiani has developed and managed.
- Currently Marketing & Communications Manager at Metro Screen
- Creative Director & Festival Manager at Angkor Art Explo
- Founding producer of Underbelly Arts festival
- Producer of the Anode Arts festival
- Sponsorship and Development Manager for FBI radio,  an independent radio station in Sydney.
- Client Integration Manager at XYZ Networks
- Event manager for 2000 Sydney Olympics.
- Production Assistant, MTV Networks
- Band Booker for Ground-Up Entertainment
- Previously General Manager for the Siem Reap Hostel, Cambodia
- Board member of Alto Parlente Ltd, NFP arts initiative


Alan Lamb is based in Dwellingup in regional Western Australia. Lamb is an artist, biomedical research scientist and General Practitioner and his investigations of The Wires have their foundations in site-specific installation, experimental audio and sound composition. After completing his PhD in Physiology at the University of Edinburgh 1975, Lamb permanently returned to Australia to undertake a Senior Research Fellowship in Neurophysiology at the University of WA. Lamb’s formal investigations of The Wires started in 1976 with his discovery of a 1km stretch of abandoned telephone wires on a farm in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, the 12 telegraph poles and 6 unsheathed wires made a soft “…singing” noise. Lamb called these wires the Faraway Wind Organ, and learnt to record them and later devised compositions with these recordings.

During the 80’s and 90’s Lamb continued his work with The Wires through his own constructions in the WA desert, and collaborations with artists such as Sarah Hopkins, Joan Brassil, Kaffe Matthews, Simone de Haan and Julian Knowles. In 1997 he was commissioned by the Japanese Government to build a Wind Organ for the opening of the SPring8 Electron Synchrotron in Harima. In 2004 Wagga Space Program (WSP) commissioned Lamb to build a Wire installation for the unsound04 festival and Mutable Landscapes residency project on a farm on the outskirts of Wagga (NSW). In 2006 Lamb returned to Wagga for the unsound06 festival and Locomotivus project, which took place on a train as it moved through the landscape. During the festival the 8-carriage train pulled into a silo siding and tuned into a live CB radio transmission of the ‘Pindari’ wires, which were played through a PA system installed on the train.


Robin Fox tours the world with his audiovisual laser oscilloscope performances, he recently received a doctorate for his laser compositions and is highly regarded in both visual and sound art realms. Robin creates audio-visual works for the cathode ray oscilloscope with a high powered audio controlled laser system using Max MSP programming. Fox wishes to eventually use the wires as a control source for the laser, with the wire(s) determining the movement of laser light. This process will visually manifest the audible with patterns and 3 dimensional architectures of light.
Fox is a regular performer and speaker at Festivals around Australia (What is Music, Liquid Architecture, Electrofringe, SOOB, NowNOW, Big Day Out) and performs regularly across Europe and Asia.
He also has a PhD in composition, from Monash University focussing on the development of multi-channel performance ecologies and the design of interactive electro-acoustic situations that explore the dynamic between performer, space and computer and an MA in musicology, which documents the history of experimental music making in Melbourne 1975-9.