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Wiradjuri Grasslands, Weaving + Tanning Project: 2019 Workshop Series


This skills development and knowledge sharing project is oriented around Wiradjuri agriculture, use of native grasses for weaving, storytelling, and the creation of presentation outcomes for exhibition.

This project includes a series of free weekend workshops for the Aboriginal community that will build skills while sharing knowledge about Country and the creation of cultural objects.

This workshop program will extend into 2020 and 2021. Objects created and skills developed throughout the course of the project will be on display via presentations at both The Wired Open Day 2020 and as part of an exhibition at the Museum of the Riverina in 2021.

Saturday 9 + Sunday 10 November | 9:30am-4pm
@ TAFE NSW – Narrandera, Conference room Elwin Street, Narrandera

Sat | 9.30am        Gather, Meet + Greet
Sat | 10.00am      Welcome to Country + Introductions
Sat | 11.00am      Morning Tea
Sat | 11.15am      Looping + Netting
Sat | 1.00pm        Lunch
Sat | 2.00pm        Coiled Basketry

Sun | 9.30am      Gather on Country
Sun | 10.00am    Harvesting on Country
Sun | 11.00am     Morning Tea
Sun | 11.15am    Twined Pouches + Dilly Bags
Sun | 1.00pm      Lunch
Sun | 2.00pm      Finishing Projects + Discussion of Exhibition

Saturday 23 + Sunday 24 November | 9:30am-4pm
@Ashmont Ngurra Youth Hub – Wagga Wagga 16 Blakemore Avenue, Ashmont

Sat | 9.30am        Gather, Meet + Greet
Sat | 10.00am      Welcome to Country + Story Sharing
Sat | 11.00am      Morning Tea
Sat | 11.15am      Harvesting + Plant ID
Sat | 1.00pm        Lunch
Sat | 2.00pm        Coiled Basketry

Sun | 9.30am       Gather, Meet + Greet
Sun | 10.00am     Twined Pouches + Dilly Bags
Sun | 11.00am     Morning Tea
Sun | 11.15am     Making Elements for Exhibition
Sun | 1.00pm       Lunch
Sun | 2.00pm       Finishing Projects + Collaborative Installation

Facilitators include: Harriet Goodall, Melanie Evans, the Deadly Mentor Group and others.

For workshop bookings please contact Cheryl Penrith:
0413 698 277 or cher-pen@hotmail.com



This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW and Local Land Services.