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THE WIRED LAB concurrently operates in global and local communities relevant to its location and the interdisciplinary nature of ‘The Wires’. Established to be a permanent Australian community cultural development facility The WIRED Lab is a source of investigation and enjoyment for artists, scientists, nature lovers and the general community.

THE WIRED LABis a rurally located organisation that facilitates artist residencies, arts, science and environmental workshops, socially networked audio visual websites, open days and performances. These initiatives take place on The WIRED Lab site and throughout the Riverina district in collaboration with partner organizations such as schools, cultural, environmental, farming and historical organisations. Our activities reflect and enhance the interdisciplinary capacities of The Wires and The WIRED Lab’s location in the vulnerable and endangered Box Gum Grassy Woodlands (BGGW) ecosystem.

THE WIRED LAB is a not-for-profit registered charity. Our projects are unique in their objectives and strategic amalgamation of:
a) community cultural development (CCD) programs servicing and connecting broad networks of local, regional, NSW, national and global interest groups, and interdisciplinary arts and science communities
b) forums for innovative arts and scientific research and development;

ALL from a distinctly rural context. WIRED Lab initiatives embed an intergenerational model that combines arts/science research and CCD.  Such an approach exemplifies capacity and possibilities rather than the stereotypical limitations of living in regional Australia.